Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Ole Fashion Fun

In today's world, most kids don't have a clue as to what good ole fashion fun means. If they're not plugged into something, then it ain't fun. Even at 3 1/2 years old, the computer has challenging games for their skill levels but, it doesn't really let you have an imagination.

For Christmas, My Mother-inlaw (MiMi) gave my youngest daughter a book filled with hand made paper dolls and accessories. An original idea that took her weeks to complete. Each doll and accessory was cut from vintage fabric, then an iron on transfer was carefully cut for each piece giving them durability. After that, small pieces of velcro were cut and placed on each piece and on every page of the book so that each doll and accessory could be kept neatly inside. Lastly, every doll was given a name and placed on a page with coordinating clothing and accessories.

When Holly opened it, she immediately played with it and continues to play with it everyday. Her imagination is unbelievable! I love listening to her bring these dolls to life with her endless conversations. It's impressive how creative she is at her age and to see her having good ole fashion fun.

Her book that keeps the paper dolls.

Can't play paperdolls without a tea set.


Jan n Jer said...

Those paper dolls are so impressive..I would have loved them when I was a little girl. I played with paper dolls hours on end. MiMi is very talented. Holly has a wonderful imagination. I love to watch n listen to her play!

Living Life said...

That is a wonderful keepsake Mimi made! Holly has a good sense of imaginitive play.

precious primitives and quilts said...

I LOVE all of your photographs. You are becoming quite the photographer. Needless to say, I especially enjoyed the paper dolls being immortalized.

precious primitives and quilts said...

Your photos are wonderful. Needless to say, I especially enjoyed the ones of the paper dolls. It was nice to have them immortalized.