Monday, May 24, 2010

Party Time

Aye, Aye, Aye...I'm trying to catch my breath from all of the fun we had over the weekend. Saturday we went to my neighbor's house for a 70th Birthday party. We arrived at 2:30 and didn't leave until 10:00 and people were still partying hard when we left. Those farmers know how to throw a good party. Sunday we hosted our own party celebrating Gabby's 6th birthday. I managed to entertain 13 kids in the rain. We set up the party in our garage so it really didn't matter about the mud, grass and wet shoes. That's what garages are for. Luckily, the rain stopped long enough for us to get our scavenger hunt under way but as luck would have it, the fine mist started falling again. We kept going anyway and the kids had a great time. I'm not so sure about the adults, though. Gabby had a wonderful Birthday and that's all that matters.

Here it is Monday and I'm feeling sleep deprived already...aye...aye...aye!! I need sleep. Here are a few pictures from Gabby's party.


Living Life said...

It looks like Gabby had a wonderful time!

Jan n Jer said...

The rain made it more fun for the kids...the party turned out good and Gabs had a ball!

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

That mist was annoying! Glad Gabby had a great time. I can't believe how big all the kids are getting!