Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chinese Food Anyone?

I'm not a big fan of Chinese food. I think it's because I've heard too many tales about how cat is served instead of chicken. Maybe it's nonsense, but I've never tasted cat and it very well could be confused for chicken.

Anyway, my husband loves Chinese food and has been deprived of it for months. My sister told me about this really great Chinese restaurant, so I thought to myself I would put aside those crazy thoughts and just do it. Matt was thrilled!

I still played it safe and ordered shrimp fried rice while Matt ordered General Tso's Chicken. Here's what happens when you deprive someone of something too long...

See how his cheeks are taking on the look of a chipmunk preparing for a long winter? Notice how he squeezed the last drip out of both Coke cans.

This is Matt's second helping. At this point he realized this was an act of gluttony and he knew he'd be paying for it later.

Doesn't this make you hungry for Chinese food?


Colleen said...

He's eating my favorite Chinese dish! yummy! Now I want some for dinner tomorrow night. Great Pic! Michael loves rice .. maybe he'll like Chinese too.

Janis said...

Tracy, that is so funny. Love the graphics. I am with u, I do like chinese food, but I think about them eating cat, so I usually get vegetable lo mein.

Living Life said...

Actually, yes. It does make me hungry for Chinese food. BTW, the chicken and brocoli dish is only 4W.W. points per 1 cup! If the Chinese do use cat in their recipes, it truly does taste like chicken!