Monday, October 13, 2008

For The Love Of Reptiles

Many of you are well aware of Matt's enthusiasm for reptiles. Over the years, his collection of snakes and geckos have grown in numbers as well as his fondest for rare and unusual morphs. I have to admit, his collection is quite impressive and interesting. I never dreamed I would marry a reptile nerd. Just kidding, honey. Reptiles are often the topic of our discussions. Sometimes during dinner, Matt likes to share important reptile information with me like, the number of frozen rats eaten verses the number of live mice. That always makes for a great dinner conversation. Just pickin on ya, Matt. I know he doesn't mean to talk about snakes constricting dead rats at dinner time. He does it because this is his passion.

Matt has been a reptile enthusiast since he was a young lad. His first collection consisted of Anoles and House Geckos and then, at the age of 13, his sister introduced him to his first Ball Python, Charlie. After Charlie, Matt brought a few other snakes to live with him under his parents roof. Including a milk snake that escaped from his cage sending his Mom to live with his sister. Luckily, soon afterwards, the snake was found by his Dad. At the age of 22, Lizards Of Oz was founded and ever since, his passion for reptiles has grown even greater.

Twelve years later, through determination and experience, Matt has built a diverse collection of reptiles. He anticipates that in the near future, he'll have the abilities to run his own breeding facility as a full time business. Matt doing his nightly ritual of misting his snakes
Rough Knob -Tailed Gecko or Nephrurus Amyae

Pie-Bald Ball Python
Aztec Boa
Matt's breeding facility


Jan n Jer said...

Best of Luck to Matt with his ventures. He does have quite the collection of reptiles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the props, cutie. I bet it won't be long until I have you helping me with them. I can tell we're growing on you. I love you.

Living Life said...

Those pictures are great! Good job by plugging Matt's Web Site. Maybe you can generate some business for him!!

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Wow! I had no idea that Matt was into that stuff. Very cool. Brian had a ball python when I met him ;0)