Saturday, July 27, 2013

Awesome Quality

I recently purchased an 85mm lens.  It's lightweight, compact, and gives you an incredible clear crisp image with great bokeh (blurred background).  I plan on using it mostly for portraits but I like using it for snake pictures, too.  It allows me to keep my distance but still grab a detailed shot.

This is my favorite so far.  This is Nyati.  He is an Australian Shepard who we adopted from the farm down the street.  They didn't have time for him, so we welcomed him into our home, and we've enjoyed him everyday since we got him.  He wanders and gets into mischief if you don't watch him while your outside but he is extremely smart, lovable, and friendly.  We couldn't ask for a better pet.

Below are pictures of a Coral Glow Disco from Ozsvath Reptiles collection 2013.

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Jan n Jer said...

Just seeing this post. Love your new blog header. are so right about the clairity of this lens...but the one behind the lens also has a good eye! :)