Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fondest Childhood Memories

Over the weekend during my grandmother's 85th birthday celebration, she was asked what was her fondest childhood memory. Without hesitation she said rollerskating. I was impressed how fast she came up with that answer given her age and how long it's been since she's roller skated. But, as I sat and listened to her stories, it jogged my memory of my fondest childhood times which, I didn't have any trouble remembering either. Riding my big wheel and jumping on the trampoline came right to mind.

I really loved jumping on the trampoline at my Grandmother's house. I never got the nerve to do flips but I remember just bouncing as high as I could and never tiring.

I grew up riding my big wheel in the allies of Baltimore, MD. Apparently, I would often ride down to watch the boys play alittle basketball and my mother swears thats where I learned those "bad" words.

The girls club

I want to go faster...

Yes! My fastest time ever!!
I remember peddaling as fast as my little legs would go and hearing the stones pop under the plastic wheels. Eventaully, the one back tire grew a big hole. Riding my big wheel was always so much fun and I don't remember ever growing tired of it. Looks like Holly thinks the same thing.


The Church Lady said...

I love that last shot of Holly with her hand in the air. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Jan n Jer said...

Yep...you were hell on wheels back then. Many moments of my heart being in my throat when you were going down a big hill on your big wheels.