Monday, February 14, 2011

Ice Training in Progress

Living nearby Lake Marburg, we get to enjoy many wonderful aspects of the lake. The picturesque scenery, the wildlife it draws, and the many activities and events that take place on and off the lake.

A popular wintertime sport is ice-fishing. On the most blustery, coldest days, you'll find die-hard fishermen out in the middle of the lake waiting patiently for a bite. Every time I ride by though, I suffer from a bit of anxiety. Even though the ice is "probably" solid and monitored by the DNR, I still have this fear that I will witness my worst phobia.

Yesterday, we took the girls to a spot on the lake where people ice-skate and on our way, we passed emergency crews parked at the lake and people with emergency equipment on the lake. My anxiety level rose about 100% however, Matt assured me that it was just a training exercise so, I made him turn the car around. Sure enough, that's all it was...thank the dear Lord.

Here are a few pictures of their "training" in progress. I wasn't able to speak to anyone about their training exercises but they were nice enough to let us stay and take pictures.

Matt was able to drag me out onto the ice and I reluctantly went
only because I saw people ice-skating and thought it was "safe"


Anonymous said...

Wow! I bet that was scary thinking it was the real thing, but really interesting to watch when you knew it was training. I love the pictures of all of you. That looked like a nice way to spend yesterday. It was great weather for it.
Love, Mom O

Jan n Jer said...

I heard this training exercise was going on, but we were on our way to the movies n missed it. Glad you were able to get pics. Bet your loving your new lens!!!

Jennifer said...

Cool post. I'd be scared too!

The Church Lady said...

Yep. We saw them yesterday too. At first I was like, OH NO! Then I realized there was no emergency. It was ice rescue training. Glad they get the opportunity to have hands on training like that.