Saturday, December 27, 2008

Science Project

For the second year, we've had Christmas dinner at our house. I look forward to this new tradition for a couple of reasons. First reason, Gabby and Holly get to spend all day playing with their new toys. Secondly, I love decorating for Christmas and the last reason is, I enjoy the challenge of being in the kitchen and preparing everything.

This year we decided to have ham as our main dish so, the Friday before Christmas I went to Walmart to make my purchase. As I made my way to the hams, I saw that there were many selections. I had no idea I would have 10 choices to choose from so, it was a little intimidating since this was my first ham I ever purchased. I carefully studied each, compared prices, watched other people as they to looked and make their ham selections. I even asked someone beside me, if she knew how big of ham I should get. I wanted to make sure I picked the perfect ham. After circling twice around, I finally decided on the Smokehouse Brown Sugar Cured Ham. The description on the label made my mouth water so I knew this had to be the one. There was only one thing, it wasn't weighed only a sign in front of the Smokehouse hams saying how much per pound. Being a novice at this, I picked up the ham and did my own weighing in my head and thought it doesn't feel too heavy, I'll get this one. Up to the check out I went. Well, all I can say is the patient couple behind me had to wait an extra 10 or so minutes while the cashier had someone run back to weigh and price the ham. I felt like such a moran. I had this vision that the cashier would be able to type in some numbers and the price would magically appear but, it didn't work out that way. So after apologizing and trying to make small talk to the couple behind me, my ham was returned with a $33.00 price tag. I knew after all the commotion I caused that I had to get that exact ham. There was no turning back!

On Christmas eve around 8:30p.m., I wanted to start preparing the ham for tomorrow's dinner, so I began cutting the netting and paper that completely covered the ham. When the paper fell open, my eyes couldn't believe what they were mold and a partially decayed ham. As you can imagine, I was a bit surprised and in disbelief! What now? My husband who had already spent most of the day on Christmas eve running errands for me was going to have to run out again on Christmas day to find another ham. After word spread, Matt's sister Kim, came through for us and donated a ham she just happen to have. Nobody ever has an extra ham. What a relief! Our dinner was saved!! Thanks Kim!!

Check out our science project below. Somebody could have won first prize for this.

Next time, I think I'll go with the ham everyone else is picking. Walmart fully refunded my money with no questions asked.


{i}Post said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That is so disgusting, I don't even know what to say. Thank goodness for your SIL and the extra ham!

The Church Lady said...

Could you have just cut off the moldy part and salvaged the rest? I sometimes do that with my bread when it gets moldy. This would only happen to you!!

Janis said...

What a story, you will be telling this for many years to come. Thank heavens it had a happy ending! Love n Miss u!

Colleen said...

Oh My Goodness! Thank heaven for family. They are always there when we need the most. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. Hope to see you New Years Day at Mauries.

Check out our Christmas.
I even posted some videos using my new Christmas gift.

He's two today. I will probably have more pics/videos tomorrow.